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Ski deposit - hire – ski and snowboard repairs

Your equipment will be looked after in our ski deposit, with hot air dryers. This means you can set out the next morning with your boots, gloves and helmet all warm and dry and ready for a great day out on the snow!

We offer standard storage (one pair of boots and poles) or lockers for 2 to 4 people (even for the whole skiing season).
Opening requires a ski pass and if requested, we can extend it to the whole family so that each member has independent use.

P.S. discounted storage for those hiring ski equipment from our centres.

Various types of rental for adults and children, also seasonal! Ski and snowboard rental the TOP category

New advanced machines and the most expert hands for the perfect preparation of your equipment.

Continues maintenance of the equipment for rent (drying and sterling ski boots offer every use).

A big range of tennis equipment
– available instructions
– electronically stringed tennis racket

Mountain bike
Clothing and equipment
for your bike.

Mountain bike centre Downhill biking.
Specialized personnel to repair your

‘Moda sport’ sports centER
- fi ve a side football
- tennis on a grass or gravel court
- tennis lessons

Mountain bike rental
Organized excursions in our mountains